A rich variety of music, in harmony with the ministry of God’s word, is a significant part of church life.

With programs for the Sanctuary Choir, children in Christian Education, handbells, and variety of vocal and instrumental contributions by members and special guests, our rich music ministry offers a resounding way to share our praise and thanks to God.

Join the Sanctuary Choir!

The Sanctuary Choir is always exploring new rhythms to anthems old and new, we’re excited to share with our congregation in the upcoming weeks!

If you would like to join us, even for 1 anthem, you are always welcome. Rehearsals are on Thursday nights at 7:00PM.

Spotlight on Pilgrim Church's beloved Austin Organ

Austin Organ Company was established in 1893 by John Austin in Hartford, Connecticut.  This company has organs all over the world, including China and Japan, as well as numerous instruments in the United States.  The Pilgrim Church Organ is electro-pneumatic and was designed for the space, acoustics, and the needs of this church.  Installed in May 2004, the dedicatory recital was performed by organist Brian Jones.