For 9th Graders+

The hope and goal of Pilgrim Church’s Confirmation program is that by going through this journey with us, Confirmands will delve deeply into their faith and beliefs. We will discuss broad topics – God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Communion, Baptism, Death, “Saints” and Mission. Confirmands will also learn what it means to be a member of Pilgrim Church and the United Church of Christ.

Classes are generally held twice a month after church, from 11:30 – 12:30. Expectations are that Confirmands will come to every class possible attend as many church services as they are able. Confirmation means confirming desire to be an active member of this church – it is necessary to see what we do here in order to make that decision! Confirmands will also attend a 24-hour retreat run by the UCC, typically in January.

Our Confirmands also develop a relationship with a mentor. We have found that having a faith-based relationship with an adult at Pilgrim who is not a family member adds a richness and depth to the faith journey. These connections last for years to come.

Classes are largely made up of 9th graders but every year we also have kids who decided to wait until they are a little older. If your high schooler is not yet confirmed and would like to be a part of our Confirmation program, please call the church office at 781-934-6591 and speak to Angelique Kania, Christian Education Director.

The Confirmation program begins in the fall and culminates with a special Confirmation service in the spring. See our Calendar for specific dates, and times.