Identifying opportunities to serve within the community

The Pilgrim Church Outreach Board is comprised members who work together with our congregation to identify opportunities to serve in the community, both financially through the Mission Trust Fund, as well as with the time and talents of our energetic church family.

The last major distribution from the Fund was 3 years ago when $50,000 was granted to Habitat for Humanity as seed money to support the land purchase and home construction on Franklin St.

The Outreach Board worked diligently and prayerfully on this distribution for almost 2 years,  surveying the congregation to understand their passions; ultimately landing on six areas of interest including: Support for Seniors, Youth, Addiction, Refuges, Homelessness, and Food Insecurity.

Organizations aligned with those passions were invited them to showcase their mission and services at our after-worship lunches in the spring.  Each organization then received a Request for Grant Proposals with the goal to support an existing program or project or to be used to develop a new program or project that could make a lasting positive impact on peoples’ lives. Beyond a financial component, organizations could incorporate an ask for the time and talents of the congregation as appropriate.

Outreach Board

Steve Schaeffer
Jim Grim
Dan Arkema
Lois Boericke
Carol Sauer
Janna Guinen
Joan Edgar

Mission Trust Fund

The Mission Trust Fund is funded by Pilgrim Church Endowment Fund and the Pilgrim Child Care and Preschool (PCCP) program.  The PCCP continues to expand and improve its profitability. Additionally, thanks to the stewardship and investment expertise of our church endowment committee these funds continue to grow as does the impact we are able to make in the community.

Past Mission Trust Grants

The Outreach Board announced the recipients of the Mission Trust Fund to the congregation.  Special thanks go to the members of the congregation, both current and past, and the PCCP families that have made these grants possible through their many generous contributions:

Duxbury Council on Aging

To support one day of the Respite Program for a year at the Senior Center. The Mission Trust Fund has provided this grant annually for several years and recognizes our continuing commitment to the Senior Center and their support of seniors and their families. In addition to these funds, several members of the congregation work and volunteer at the Senior Center.  Receiving the grant was Joanne Moore, Director of the Duxbury Senior Center, and Carin Harrison, Director of the Respite Program.


To provide supplemental financial resources for FINCA (Foundation for International Community Assistance) whose mission is to change lives, sustain communities and fight poverty through microloans in “unbanked” areas of Africa, Eurasia, Latin America, Middle East and South Asia. The positive effects of these advances are compounded via a ripple effect throughout families, communities and even entire nations. Receiving the grant was Janet Ritch.

Duxbury FACTS

 To support their programs for one year. Duxbury FACTS (Families Adolescents and Community Together against Substances) is a community coalition comprised of the Duxbury Police Department, the Public School and community leaders seeking to prevent and reduce drug and alcohol misuse and addiction and to promote mental wellness by providing resources and service not available elsewhere in our community. Receiving the grant was Sue Bradford, Co-chair, Karen Wong, Coordinator, Anne Ward, Communications, and Officer James Tougas.


This grant will be used to support Crossroad’s new “Beyond Crossroads” pilot program for one year. The “Beyond Crossroads” program is a post-secondary success initiative. This program also needs volunteers to assist college-bound students with essays and interview skills. Receiving the grant was Deb Samuels, President of Crossroads and several members of Crossroads programs.